The ASEAN Food and Beverage Alliance today launched its new website at, providing a digital channel through which key stakeholders can learn about the importance of the harmonisation of food standards and ASEAN’s progress towards a common framework of regulatory standards.

FIA Policy Director, Melanie Vilarasau Slade, said the website is the next step in a suite of communication tools, to help explain the importance of harmonisation for food standards in the region and help raise awareness of the role AFBA can play in this process.

“The website, together with our recent video on Integrated Food Standards for ASEAN is designed to increase awareness and understanding about the value the harmonisation of food standards and set out the benefits this can deliver to Governments, citizens and the food industry across the ASEAN region. It also provides more information on the critical role AFBA can play in progressing this conversation and how it wants to engage with all stakeholders across the region.”

In particular, the website hosts a number of technical reports and resources that help articulate the inconsistencies in food standards across the region and the value that aligning these standards can deliver economically and socially.

“The conversation around common food standards is often complex and technical. We hope to build the resource bank on the website with straightforward and user-friendly information that can act as a ‘go to’ for anyonein ASEAN who needs more information about the importance of harmonisation.”

The website will continue to be updated with upcoming AFBA news, events and resources relating to the ASEAN Economic Community and the harmonisation of food standards. For more information please visit

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