Addressing Asia's Plastic Waste Problem

Innovative solutions to plastic pollution have emerged across Asia to cope with the growing piles of waste on land and in water. However, are they truly effective? It might be time to shift the focus to multi-stakeholder collaborations to tackle the root of the problem - poor waste management and the lack of proper regulatory frameworks. 

In the latest issue of ENVISION Magazine by the National Environment Agency (NEA), FIA shares some of the industry's efforts in driving innovation and investment, as well as highlights the role of collaboration between businesses, citizens and governments to become the catalyst to truly address the mounting waste problem in Asia. 


Addressing Asia's Plastic Waste Problem

The prevalence of plastic as a cheap, durable, and often disposable material in everyday life is undeniable. However, societies are increasingly accustomed to a "throwaway culture", amidst unprecedented consumption rates driven by a rapidly growing global population and economic development. This means that the world is waking up to a greater trash crisis than ever before. 

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