FIA is a member-driven organisation with a governance structure that includes the following bodies:

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The activities of the Association are supervised by the Coordinating Council, consisting of elected representatives from FIA’s Premium Membership Companies. These nominated leaders are elected to the Council each year by the General Assembly, where every company has one vote. The Council itself meets twice a year in April and October, with the April meeting being held in conjunction with the AGM.

A Governance Board comprising the President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary of the Council provides direction and oversight to the FIA Secretariat, which is based in Singapore. The FIA Secretariat is managed by the Executive Director of FIA and assists the Council in the day-to-day administration of the Association and implementation of its policies.

All member companies are represented equally on FIA’s two principle Committees which meet regularly (by teleconference) and report directly to the FIA Council. The Committees' role is to implement the strategic work plans laid down by the Council each year. In addition to the regular Committee meetings, Committee members are invited to participate in three Joint Strategy Days per year. This ensures a regular dialogue between the committees and allows all companies to contribute to the strategic direction of the organisation.