Our Priorities

FIA was formed to enable major food manufacturers to speak with one voice in Asia, principally in response to the region's rapid economic growth and complex challenges in areas such as regulatory standards, food safety, and effective public health approaches.

Our members share common values on issues relating to food safety, regional development, and the responsible promotion of balanced diets and lifestyles. Through our high level forums, FIA aims to promote a coordinated approach on these issues. In keeping with Asia's unique policy landscape, FIA has identified the following priority areas:

Health and Nutrition

FIA advocates a multi-stakeholder approach to addressing the dual burden of over-consumption and under-nutrition. We are working to raise awareness of the steps the industry is taking in Asia to help address this complex challenge, and we are building effective partnerships between the private sector and governments throughout the region to meet specific public health goals

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Food Safety

FIA serves as a source of trusted scientific information in the event of food and beverage-related crises that impact consumers or the industry. The 2008 melamine contamination crisis demonstrated the need for a coordinated industry approach to optimise protection of consumers and ensure effective communication of scientific information.

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Harmonisation of Standards

FIA is helping to accelerate the removal of remaining trade barriers in Asia by advocating regional harmonisation of regulatory standards in alignment with global guidelines such as Codex Alimentarius. Our regional efforts to remove these technical barriers to trade (TBTs) seek to ensure the highest level of consumer protection as well as supporting the commercial viability of the industry in the international trading environment.

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