For the seventh year, the IFC International Food Safety Forum will bring together retailers, manufacturers and other players in the food industry with an interest in global food safety.

The event brings together senior executives of companies, government policymakers and regulators to discuss the latest issues in food safety, share knowledge, and network.

The theme of this year’s forum Better Food Safety, Better Business will highlight how investments in food safety and fostering of a food safety culture can unlock business opportunities and enhance financial performance.

Key topics of discussion include:

  • How can public-private partnerships help support food safety?

  • How can companies embed a strong food safety culture?

  • What can be done to ensure food safety isn’t just for consumers in export markets?

  • What are the latest disruptive technologies helping emerging market companies achieve food safety?

  • How can stronger food safety standards reduce the cost of financing?

  • How can food companies encourage higher standards for suppliers?

For more information, please visit the website: or contact

Sarah Ockman | Nairobi, Kenya
+254-742-983-593 | +1-202-468-6317


Uy Duc Pham | Hanoi, Vietnam