Cleantech Solar

Cleantech Solar is a leading provider of renewable energy to corporations in Southeast Asia and India, combining the capabilities of a global player with unrivalled responsiveness and agility. Headquartered in Singapore, Cleantech Solar owns and operates more than 120 solar power plants across the region, representing over 200 MW of projects, with the majority being in operation and the rest under construction and development. Cleantech Solar provides zero investment renewable energy solutions and has built South East Asia and India’s largest portfolio of solar systems for industrial and commercial customers. The company implements high-quality solar PV systems and takes full responsibility for financing, installation, monitoring, operation and maintenance while their customers enjoy cleaner and cheaper power at zero capex.


JR Group

JR Group is an international company with businesses that encompasses manufacturing, institutional contract catering, event catering & management, restaurant operations and hot-food vending machine operations. 
Prior to the establishment of JR Group Holdings Pte Ltd, the business started in 2001 as JR Foodstuff Industries Pte Ltd. JR Foods was an early pioneer in the manufacturing of cook chill & cook freeze ready-to-serve meals for both the consumer and the food service markets. With its rapid expansion in the last five years in Singapore and internationally, JR Group Holdings was incorporated in 2012. The Group now comprises 4 companies: JR Foods Pte Ltd, JR F&B Concepts Pte Ltd, JR Vending Pte Ltd and JR China Venture Pte Ltd.



Evoware is a socially responsible enterprise that elevates an environmentally friendly lifestyle and provides innovative value to urban society. Through Evoware's products, people evolve to be closer to nature and live a more responsible and sustainable life. We are here to be the eco-solution for plastic waste problems. Our products are eco- friendly, biodegradable or even edible and healthy for the body. We use seaweed as our raw material. Our impact is not just on the environment but also on the livelihood of seaweed farmers. To achieve that, we always put in our heart the two core values: INNOVATION and COLLABORATION


Asia Insect Farm Solutions

Asia Insect Farm Solutions specialises in the production of natural insect-based raw materials for the agri-food industry. Based in Singapore and Thailand, the company works with partners, which allows for the breeding of large quantities of fully nutritional crickets with minimal impact on the environment and natural resources. 



TRIA is a sustainable and innovative food packaging company. They design and develop our own proprietary food packaging - from concept to development and mass production. With their Bio24 system, TRIA is able to compost foodware together with food waste into fertilizer in 24 hours. This integrated approach provides a hassle-free solution to recycle food waste without the need to separate out inorganic matter. It is a world-first technology, allowing for a close-loop approach to disposable foodware.


Callery’s Ice-Cream, one of the World’s first Premium Reduced-Calorie Ice-cream was created to bring you the best of both worlds - Opulent Taste, Minimal Calories. By combining food science and safety with culinary arts, we are proud to bring the world a truly unique gourmet product.