FIA Food for the Future Summit 2018

Led by the leaders of the FIA Coordinating Council Members, the CEO Forums aim to have an open discussion with the participants within the food industry on how best to tackle the challenges that faced by the industry collectively.


Given that reformulation activity is continuous, widespread and completed individually as companies, how are multinationals progressing on their reformulation journey to enhance nutritional quality? And how can the industry address the challenges associated with product reformulation? Join this panel as these questions and more will be addressed. 

Maurizio Brusadelli 
Executive Vice President  & President
Asia-Pacific,  Middle East & Africa
Mondelez International

George Graham 
Vice President, Research & Development
Asia, Middle East & Africa
Mars Wrigley Confectionery

Praveen Someshwar 
Senior Vice President & General Manager, Asia-Pacific


John Savage
President & Chief Executive Officer,
Asia-Pacific, Middle East & Africa


Ralph Graichen (Moderator)
Director, Food & Nutrition
Biomedical Research Council
A*STAR Singapore



The development of plastics over the last eighty years has led to a revolution in packaging and consumer goods, and enhanced convenience and safety for billions of people. Yet a massive amount of plastic has leaked out into our environment. Asia is at the heart of the challenge. We need innovative solutions to tackle this and industry can play a leading role. Join this panel as it discusses how and what the industry is doing to address sustainable packaging and how broader support from a range of stakeholders across the packaging value chain are needed to tackle this issue.

Pier Luigi Sigismondi 
South East Asia & Australasia

Pascal de Petrini

Daniel Abramowicz
Executive VP
Technology & Regulatory Affairs
Crown Holdings, Inc.


Trish Hyde
Director, Plasticity
Managing Director The Plastics Circle

Fraser Thompson (Moderator)